10 Farms to Visit In and Around Blue Mountains

Farms in and around the Town of Blue Mountains are located on the fertile Niagara Escarpment lands of the Grey County.  Farms begin putting out their harvest at roadside farm stands and farmers markets from the end of May through to October.  

Pick-Your-Own Produce

The most exciting time of the season is when pick-your-own fruits and vegetables open to the public.  Pick-your-own Strawberries, blueberries and other deep coloured juicy treats are open from July.  Pick-your-own apples are ready from September.

Grapes in Blue Mountains

New trends in farming in the Blue Mountains has seen the establishment of vineyards.  The escarpment climate lends itself well to the noble grape crops and brings along with it vineyard tours and dining experiences to taste.

The Blue Mountains 10-Farm Tour

Here we share our curated list of must-see farms, especially organic farms, in and around Blue Mountains. This is not an exhaustive list of farms in the Blue Mountain region by any means as the farms keep growing every year.  So here’s 10 farms to visit on your next stay in Blue Mountains

  1. Good Family Farms grows certified organically grown produce and grass-fed organic poultry, beef and eggs, as well as honey.  The farm includes farm tours, a small retail store featuring the farm’s produce as well as other local producers and a farm table dining experience in the field.  The dining experience is a partnership with gourmet chefs from local restaurant Sumac+Salt. Open 3 days a week, check their site for the latest.
  1. Visit Side Road Farm (on your way to a waterfall hike at Walter’s Falls in Blue Mountains!) for organic veggies, pasture-raised poultry and eggs and cut flowers.  The Side Road Farm features a farm store.  In the spring the farm sells organic vegetable seedlings to help you get your own garden started.  The store also features products from local farmer friends including: dairy (cheese, milk, butter), grass-fed organic beef, pasture-raised lamb, fresh baked bread, local organic fruits, vegan and GF treats, local honey and maple syrup, bulk, Ontario grown organic flours and other dry goods as well as unique local artisan wares. Open 3 days a week, check their site for the latest.
  1. Farmers Pantry is a local staple in the Blue Mountains.  Best-known for pick-your-own apples galore!  At the Farmer’s Pantry you’ll find pick your own apples, raspberries, pumpkins and cherries, a petting farm, our Wildlife Interactive centre, Farmer’s Mini Golf, a Cedar Maze, a Rope Maze, events and activities on some weekends throughout the summer and fall! Open 7 days a week, check out their website for details!
  1. Apple Top Farms is an organic farm known for its apples.  Located in Blue Mountains, this farm is known hold the health and quality of their product to a high standard. Produce is grown with the minimum pesticide and herbicide possible. The farm is known to use new and innovative holistic solutions to provide customers with the healthiest fruit and veggies you could ask for.  The farm features a Black Barn Market with organic apple cider, apple pies and organic wine grapes and juice. Open daily Sep to Oct, refer to their site for the latest.
  1. Goldsmith’s Farm Market & Bakery is a large farm and market located in Thornbury.  The farm has grown from a fruit stand in the 1960s to over 200 acres of apple orchards and farm land, as well as full market and bakery – offering a selection of local meats, dairy, cheese, produce and other grocery goods. Open 7 days a week, see their site for the latest!
  1. Meesters & Sons Farm (Maxwell Apple Orchard) is located in Collingwood and open 7 days a week (check site for current opening hours).  This farm provides fresh and locally grown produce including apples, asparagus, strawberries, blueberries and more.  Prices are advertised on the website.
  1. Morrison Pumpkin Farm is the place to be when the leaves start changing colours!  From September to the end of October this farm offers pick-your-own pumpkins and squash of all different shapes and sizes.  The farm also features a corn maze that kids will enjoy.  Located in Collingwood, it is an easy drive from Blue Mountains.
  1. Eigensinn Farm is a farm-to-table French restaurant in Singhampton only a short drive away.  The farm grows their own gardens, livestock, fowl, bee aviary and maple syrup!  Most of their fish comes fresh from the Georgian Bay.  There is a dedicated chef preparing a fine menu fresh from farm to table.  Vegetarians can find options at their partnering restaurant Haisai also located in Singhampton. See site for current opening hours of Eigensinn Farm.
  1. Dunridge Farms is known for their organic garlic and apple cider tasting.  This farm is located in the nearby town of Duntroon.  This local farm features a plethora of organic produce including spring onions, swiss chard, dino kale, cilantro and spring mix.  Besides fresh vegetables, the farm also features  Poppy Bakes nut free butter tarts and cookies. Open Wednesday through Sunday, but see site for latest hours!
  1. 4M Farms is there for pasture-raised meat and eggs.  Prices can be found on their website to plan you shopping list ahead.  This farm features free-range eggs and pasture-raised lamb, chicken and more. The farm raises livestock and grows produce as organically and humanely as possible. Taste the difference of pasture-raised livestock. Contact farm for opening hours.

While you enjoy your stay in Blue Mountains make sure you don’t leave empty handed. The farms are waiting for you! Your taste buds will thank you.

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