Winter Hiking Tips

Hiking junkies may not even notice the change in seasons. They simply keep hiking. For the rest of the crowd, however, it can feel unnatural, and walking over layers of snow may throw off your balance. 

But, if you can brave through the howling chilly wind, and frigid conditions, snow-capped peaks offer incredible views below. Although winter hiking involves a small learning curve, gearing up is one of the most rewarding winter activities. 

Here are a few tips to help you make winter hiking your next favorite hobby: 

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7 Winter Adventures in Blue Mountains, Ontario during COVID 19

Probably the most fabled winter destinations in Ontario, there are a thousand reasons to fall in love with the Blue Mountains – from snowy hills and world-class groomed slopes to charming hamlets and innovative activities, there is something to entertain every member of the family, even in this COVID 19 era when most recreational pursuits are on hold.

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